Bella {a princess shoot}

10 Jul

Now I don’t know if you could really consider this a “photoshoot”, but hey!  Life is just one big photoshoot, so I shall classify this as one =)

This pretty little girl turned 4 the day we took these pictures!  My sister and I have babysat Bella and her older brother Drew since they were born (basically).

And they are such little joys.  (there are no pix of Drew because the kid doesn’t like his pictures taken apparently 😉

The minute I found out this little girl had a tutu, I FLIPPED!!  So we stuck it on and she smiled her way through these pictures.

Thank you Bella-loo for putting up with this crazy photographer =P

Anyway, I hope you have a blessed weekend and thanks for checkin’ (or following!!) my blog!


Normally I would think this angle is… odd!  I seriously don’t know what I like about it, but I do! Comments??

Isn’t she precious?!?!???

What a lovely, pretty little princess ❤

:The End:

3 Responses to “Bella {a princess shoot}”

  1. Kate! July 10, 2010 at 9:31 pm #

    hey you!
    hopefully this didn’t post twice…
    commenting on the 2nd photo–i really like how i can see the whole tutu. =D and the colors in the blanket and the pink on the green bin tie in really well with the pink she’s wearing. i don’t know if that’s why YOU like it, but it’s why I like it. =D haha hope you’re doing well girlie ❤ ta ta for now

  2. Kate! July 10, 2010 at 9:32 pm #

    darn. it posted twice. now you have 3 comments from me. oh well =D lol

  3. savannaleephotography July 10, 2010 at 9:35 pm #

    yeah that could possibly be it =) It’s weird cuz I normally don’t like this type of shot, I think it’s the angle.
    But the composition of it (including the things you described) I like, a lot!
    haha! yeah, it did post twice =P but it’s all good!
    thanks for the comments!! keep checking the blog!!

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