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Summer Photoshoots

10 Jun

Something I am definitely looking forward to in the next few weeks!  Though photoshoots in the middle of June aren’t exactly… enjoyable in Arizona weather.  But, they are always fun, none the less.

Totally off topic, but something I noticed that seemed funny to me =)  School is done, but everybody has already started talking about what they are going to do next year!  Seriously people!!  I think us highschoolers just gravitate towards school subjects… odd.

So far, the summer has been filled with sleepovers, (lots of water!!!! my healthy note for the day 😉 Tons and TONSSSSS of strawberries!!!! lazy days by the pool, and summer shopping!!  (also, BIG NEWS!!!!!!)  I was blessed with a new computer!! (EEP!)  There’s nothing more amazing than that fresh smell of a new computer (you may be thinking I’m odd right now, but hopefully some of you can relate).  The sound of the new keyboard, the feel of the new mouse.  It took everything in my being not to SCREAM when that truck pulled up to my house, and the mail guy carried that big box up to my door!  Let’s just say… it involved a happy dance and wayyyyyy too much coffee that day. heehee*

But, since this is my photography blog, I should probably get on and post something… photographic-like.

I recently did this photoshoot with my dear friends Tess and Leroy.  Leroy is the technical director for my parents production company (Command Performers), and Tess is his lovely girlfriend / awesome, really really fun person!

First order of business was, Tess’s headshots.  Tess is such a delightful person to be around, and you can’t help but smile when she laughs.  Second, we headed over to a beautiful area of town, where we did a few together.  I honestly don’t think there was a moment where they weren’t laughing or smiling.  It is so cute to watch, Leroy says some of the funniest things, which in turn makes Tess more giddy.  It is simply precious.  The day was great, and it ended perfectly when they came over to hang and eat some pizza =)

I had so much fun with you both, enjoy your pictures.  And to everyone else, enjoy the rest of your week doing whatever it is you do, living life the way you do.  But always remember my life motto : smile a lot =)

Savanna ❤

WORK IT girl!!!!

We all thought this looked very Euro. You’re so beautiful Tess!

OH my GOODNESS!  Favorite of the day!! (now on the couples!!)

ooh!!!! This is DEFINITELY right up there : as far as photo of the day goes.

heehee* Love this rustic look!

Tess, you sure have found a special guy.  And Leroy, treasure her forever ❤

Special moments, looooove them!!!!

sweetness. pure. and simple.

ugh! You people are driving me crazy! This is just too adorable!! (see what I mean? He would make a face and she would just bust up!)

I’m sure you’ve heard, but I’ll say it again. I LOVE symmetrical pictures!! They just feel… right =)

That’s it for now, I promise it won’t take as long for me to post next time 😉

Happy Summer!!