Theme : Around Town

1 Apr

I got the privilege of shooting my very good friend miss Erin ❤

We’ve known eachother since we were about… 10 and 12! Ahh memories…

I simply cannot say enough about this amazing young lady I have been so privileged to be friends with!! She is such a blessing to everyone she’s around, and she is a brilliant light for Jesus!

Erin, you are beautiful inside and out, and it was a joy to hang out with you.

Love you and enjoy your teen.tiny preview ❤


Totally her!! (Since green is Erin’s favorite color, this bike was perfect! We saw it in a little shop, and asked the owner if we could take it outside to snap a few pix! awesome!!)

A little b&w

We took a few in an awesome antique shop downtown. Fairly good lighting, love how they turned out!!

My personal fave

:::The End:::

2 Responses to “Theme : Around Town”

  1. Kristal April 5, 2010 at 1:26 am #

    Erin your so beautiful!! ❤ Good work Savanna!

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