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:::Pass My Imperfections Lightly By:::

22 Apr

It’s been an exciting week for sure!  Full of painting, working hard, late nights,, more working, lighting, and preparing!  Command Performers is putting on a benefit performance titled “Pass My Imperfections Lightly By”.  This is a story about Mary Todd Lincoln, her struggles, her life, her famous president husband, Abraham Lincoln.  It is without a doubt the best one woman show I have seen… ever!  I would highly encourage everyone to come and see for yourselves.  This show had me completely spell-bound till the end, and that is not an easy task (let me tell u!).  It is a riveting show full of laughter, heartache, happiness, and grief.  Mary Todd Lincoln, portrayed so exceptionally by Patty Stephens, will have you wanting more!  I really cannot think of enough good things to say about this show.  Taking place at Sovereign Grace Church located in Gilbert north on Cooper Road.  But hurry and purchase your tickets!  It’s only going on for 1 weekend.

Join us for a grand ol’ time, fun for the whole family, bring everyone you know.  Plus… there will be treats 😉

For more details visit

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Hope to see you there!



Theme : Around Town

1 Apr

I got the privilege of shooting my very good friend miss Erin ❤

We’ve known eachother since we were about… 10 and 12! Ahh memories…

I simply cannot say enough about this amazing young lady I have been so privileged to be friends with!! She is such a blessing to everyone she’s around, and she is a brilliant light for Jesus!

Erin, you are beautiful inside and out, and it was a joy to hang out with you.

Love you and enjoy your teen.tiny preview ❤


Totally her!! (Since green is Erin’s favorite color, this bike was perfect! We saw it in a little shop, and asked the owner if we could take it outside to snap a few pix! awesome!!)

A little b&w

We took a few in an awesome antique shop downtown. Fairly good lighting, love how they turned out!!

My personal fave

:::The End:::